Gloria Mattera

Gloria Mattera has been active in the Green Party in NYS since 2001 and has stood for local office as a Green Party candidate on three occasions.  Mattera ran for City Council in District 39 in Brooklyn in 2001 and 2003.  As a first time candidate in 2001, Mattera highlighted the growing inequities in NYC at a time when Wall Street and real estate developers were reaping huge profits as hunger, poverty and homelessness were on the rise.  She reached out to the Muslim communities in her district who were being targeted and joined fellow peace activists in opposing the bombing of Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11 terror attacks.  Challenging the Democratic incumbent in 2003, Mattera placed second with close to 20% of the vote by continuing her campaign theme of the billions spent on war abroad would be better served by providing health care, housing and union-scale jobs here at home. In 2005, Mattera challenged incumbent Marty Markowitz for Brooklyn Borough President, after he enraged local communities by championing the use of eminent domain to seize homes for the benefit of private developer Bruce Ratner’s professional basketball area and a multiple high-rise tower  project.  Mattera advocated human scale development driven by community specific needs that promoted sustainability and offered truly affordable housing.


Mattera was successful in raising enough funds for each campaign to qualify for campaign finance matching funds.  Her campaigns, along with the active Park Slope Green Party local, have been instrumental in making the Green Party an integral part of local politics in Central Brooklyn. On the state level, Mattera served as co-chair for the party from 2004 – 2008 and is a member of several committees within the Green Party of the United States Party.


Before joining the Green Party, Mattera was involved in the Founding Convention of the Labor Party under union and environmental activist, Tony Mazzochi.  Mattera worked with several unions in the NYS to build a statewide organization and one of the largest local chapters in the country.  She held several leadership positions locally and in the state and was a member of the Labor Party’s National Just Health Care Task Force.


Mattera holds a Masters’ Degree in Special Education.  After teaching children with special needs for 5 years, Mattera entered the field of Child Life.  She has worked with under served, immigrant children and their families in the NYC public hospital system for over 20 years.  She credits her experience working in public health as the reason she became political active, first as a single payer health care advocate and then in independent politics.  Mattera is a long time Executive Board member of Physicians for A National Health Program NY Metro Chapter and on the steering committee of Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn.


A life-long resident of Brooklyn, Mattera currently lives in Park Slope with her family.

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