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By taxing Wall Street and the super-rich and creating a state bank, we can fix the budget gap and invest in creating well-paying green jobs for all New Yorkers... who need them.

Like all Green candidates, Howie Hawkins supports single-payer health care, fully funded education, a living wage, marriage equality, legalizing marijuana, and a ban on hydrofracking. He is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to fix NY State government, including proportional representation, instant runoff voting, and public campaign financing.

Please contribute to the Green movement, a people-powered grassroots movement for peace, social justice, grassroots democracy, ecology. We put people before profits.

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Contribution Limits, Disclosure Requirements, and Hawkins 2010 Policies:


NY State election law permits cumulative contributions of up to $37,800 per individual, corporation, and PAC (Political Action Comittee), and $273,616 per family to a candidate for Governor.


However, the Hawkins for Governor campaign believes the state limits are too high and give undue influence to wealthy individuals and corporate interests.


The Hawkins campaign is therefore limiting the cumulative contributions it will accept to the Federal election law limits:


$2400 per individual

$5000 per PAC (political action committee)

$5000 per party committee


The Hawkins for Governor campaign does not accept contributions from for-profit businesses (including proprietorships and partnerships) or from corporate-sponsored PACs.


The Hawkins for Governor campaign does accept contributions from the PACs of democratic people’s organizations, including labor unions, cooperatives, and peace, environmental, and community organizations.


The New York State Election Law requires us to report the name and address to the Board of Elections in our Campaign Finance Reports of cumulative contributors of $100 or more to Hawkins 2010.


We do not report names and addresses to the Board of Elections in our Campaign Finance Reports of cumulative contributions under $100, which are reported as unitemized, without the name and address.


Contributions are not tax-deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.


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