I'm excited to introduce you to 6 Green women candidates who are running hard to bring our values into the halls of power.

Laura Wells (CA), Anita Rios (OH), Annie Young (MN), Gloria Mattera (NY), Julia Willebrand (NY) and Jill Stein (MA).

With your help, we will elect these outstanding leaders who reflect - and respect - the diversity of America.

Laura Wells of California is a citizen activist with a background in finance and management. Laura is running for Governor to work for single-payer health care, sustainable water policy, democratic reforms, fixing the budget crisis with fair taxation and a state bank, and more. Her message should resonate with voters unimpressed with political insider Jerry Brown and billionaire businesswoman Meg Whitman. California is mired in a fiscal crisis, and Laura is the only candidate offering ecologically wise, far-sighted economic solutions.

Anita Rios in Ohio is the daughter of migrant farm workers, a passionate social justice activist and President of Toledo's National Organization for Women. Anita is running for Lt. Governor of Ohio to work for single-payer health care, progressive taxation, quality public education, replacing coal and nuclear plants with renewable energy, and more. With Ohioans tiring of incumbent governor Ted Strickland, Anita Rios and running mate Dennis Spisak offer a forward-thinking alternative to voters. I've known Anita for many years. She has the focused strength and vision necessary to lead the State of Ohio.

Annie Young is a six-term elected member of the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board with an extensive background in environmental, health and justice advocacy. Annie is running for Minnesota State Auditor, an office charged with overseeing more than $20 billion in annual spending, to advocate for sustainability, life cycle cost accounting, and more holistic economic indicators. Among supporters of Annie's campaign is renowned economic and environmental justice activist Winona LaDuke. With many voters ready to toss out political insiders, Annie Young should do well against incumbent auditor Rebecca Otto and former auditor Pat Anderson. I volunteered with Annie on a national campaign in 2004 and was impressed with her attention to detail and kind spirit. She is ready for the next step in her political journey.

Gloria Mattera is a public health worker and activist for peace, universal health care and community-based development. Gloria is running for Lt. Governor of New York to work for renewable energy, green jobs, mass transit, single-payer health care, and more. With heir apparent Andrew Cuomo leading Wall Street favorite Rick Lazio by a huge margin, Gloria Mattera and running mate Howie Hawkins should do well among New Yorkers looking for fresh ideas. I volunteered with Gloria on Reverend Billy's campaign last year. She's a dynamo.

Julia Willebrand is long-time activist for peace, social justice, the environment and political reform. Julia is running for New York Comptroller, the state's chief fiscal office to advocate for sustainable, socially responsible investment and address issues such as affordable housing. She is likely to build on her performance in her 2006 campaign for comptroller, when she earned well over 100,000 votes. Over the past 10 years, Julia has impressed me with her relentless commitment to transforming our world.

Jill Stein of Massachusetts is a pioneering environmental health advocate and community leader. Her record of public service and passionate advocacy for healthy communities makes her an exceptional candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. Jill is the sole challenger to three candidates widely considered business-as-usual insiders, meaning that she could win with as little as 26% of the vote. Jill is eligible to receive public matching funds when her campaign raises at least $125,000.

Read Green Change's endorsement of Jill Stein for more about her race and why she will be a transformational governor.

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Marnie Glickman
Executive Director

Green Change
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