Climate Crisis


I want New York State to be a leader in the fight against global warming. The state is the world's 16th largest economy - roughly the size of South Korea - therefore any effort made here would have real impact. The present governor's Executive Order 24 commits New York State to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050 based on 1990 levels. These are the kind of reductions scientists say developed countries must make if we are to have any chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change. Greens support these targets - although leading NASA scientist James Hansen is among those who say even deeper cuts are needed.


However, a key proposals being considered around the State's Climate Action Plan (to be released next year) is to build as many as 20 new nuclear power stations in order to meet the growing demand for electrical power, and to replace existing nuclear power stations like Indian Point with new ones.


We oppose this idea. Instead we propose reaching emission reduction targets by way of a massive program of energy conservation in buildings; the scaling up of mass transit, and to move decisively towards reaching a goal of 100% renewable energy in NY State and nationally by 2050. The expansion of renewable energy will require the deployment of a 'super smart grid' that links solar power from the southern states with wind power in the North East using high voltage direct cables (HVDCs), along the lines of the EU-North Africa super smart grid proposal. Such a grid would also allow for on-site generation (distributed power) where people can produce their own wind and solar power and sell it to the grid.


This is the truly green way of reducing emissions, improving air quality, and creating thousands of jobs in the renewable energy and grid modernization industries


Health Care


I join my fellow Green Party for U.S. Senate in promoting a comprehensive national health insurance program but because of the misguided health care reform bill passed by Congress, I believe NYS must pass health care legislation that will be a model for single payer health care in order to galvanize other states to take similar action while we all work together on the national level. Eliminating the for profit system with a social service that offers quality, comprehensive health care to all will save money and more importantly, lives.

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