Hawkins, Nader Press Conference in Albany, Wed. Oct. 20, 1 PM

Howie Hawkins for Governor
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For Immediate Release: October 19, 2010
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Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will be joined by consumer advocate Ralph Nader at a press conference in Albany on Wednesday October 20th at 1 PM in the LCA press room of the Legislative Office Building in Albany. (State and Swan Sts.)


Hawkins and Nader will discuss the need to halt the $16 billion annual rebate of the stock transfer tax; the creation of a NY State Public Bank; energy policy; and requiring General Electric to complete the removal of PCBs from the Hudson River.


Hawkins also discuss the recent Gubernatorial debate and possibility of a second one.


Hawkins' Green New Deal echoes former New York Governor Franklin Delano Roosevelt's call for a bill of economic rights which included the right to a living wage jobs, education and health care for all Americans. Hawkins supports a state single payer health care system similar to Medicare that saves New Yorkers an estimated $28 billion annually by 2019 according to a recent state study.


"Our country faces the highest, most persistent unemployment since the Great Depression at the same time that we must confront the threat posed by climate change. It is not time for the failed solutions of the past, the same version of trickle down economics of tax cuts for the rich promoted by both major parties for decades that fail to create jobs. We need a massive public investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, public transit, organic agriculture and clean manufacturing to give us some chance of mitigating the worst damages posed by climate change," said Hawkins.


Hawkins recently released a video asking where were the **** jobs. http://www.howiehawkins.com/2010/video/308-where-are-the-f-ing-jobs.html


Hawkins would help build a sustainable economy through local, democratic control of economic development investments; increased funding for mass transit; and more support for local businesses and worker cooperatives. Hawkins would also support the expansion of municipally owned power systems in the state, which would lower costs for households and businesses.


Hawkins would pay for his Green New Deal proposals through a combination of proposals to make the tax system fairer; right now the poorest New Yorkers pay more of their wages in local and state taxes than the wealthy do. First, stop rebating the $16 billion annually from the Stock Transfer Tax to Wall Street speculators; second; restore the progressive state income tax of the 1970s; this would raise $8 billion while giving 95% of New York taxpayers a tax cut. Third, raise $10 billion with a 50% bankers bonus tax. After eliminating next year's $8 billion deficit, the state would have a $26 billion surplus.


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