Cuomo Attacks Public Employee Unions

Something to remind teachers, all state and municipal employees, and workers generally as you petition and campaign for the Green ticket: Cuomo is on the record promising to "tangle" with public employee unions.

The quote below is from Cuomo's introduction of his Lt. Gov. running mate, Robert Duffy, Mayor of Rochester, at the state Democratic convention in Westchester last May ... "Cuomo: We're going to 'tangle' with public employee unions"

Of course, making the rich and Wall Street pay their fair share of taxes is "off the table" for Cuomo, hence the attack on public workers and the gutting of public services these "New Democrats" are promising.

~ Howie Hawkins


Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 12:39 PM
by Jimmy Vielkind

Albany Times Union


NEW YORK — Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said he has "respect" for his Rochester Mayor Bob Duffy, his LG candidate, for "tangling" with public employee unions. And he said that would continue.


"I don't know how you calibrate too much power," Cuomo said. "Are they powerful? Yes. Do they have a constituency that the represent? Yes. Is it an important constituency? Yes," he said. "But do you need, in my opinion, executives and leadership and management that is willing to stand up and disagree and work through difficult issues? Yes. That's what Mayor Duffy did in Rochester. He was not a push-over, he was not a roll-over. Yes, he tangled with public employee unions. Guess what? We're going to be tangling with public employee unions going forward. This is a very difficult situation, the economics are very difficult. We see that today with what's going on in New York State with Governor Paterson with the cuts and modifications that he has to make. Next year, there's no great economic forecast that says the economy's going to rebound at such a rate that we're not going to have these issues. We're going to have the same issues. And then, employee unions have their point of view, and they represent their constituency, and the chief executive will balance a budget. I respect what Bob did. Yes, he tangled with the public employee unions. I respect him for doing it."


Duffy said that the current economic crisis will take "strong leadership," and stood by his past actions.


"It's the right path," he said. "This is how we get New York State back on track, and I can't say that everybody will be entirely happy with everything that's going to happen at every time, but if we put taxpayers and children and people first, I think in the long run, the right things will happen."


So far, the Civil Service Employees Association has not endorsed Cuomo.

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