Howie Hawkins for Mayor of Syracuse, 2005

Howie Hawkins has been active in movements for peace, justice, and the environment since the late 1960s. He co-founded the US Green Party in 1984.

After attending Dartmouth College, Hawkins has worked as a carpenter, a developer of cooperative businesses, and a truck unloader. He is a member of Teamsters Local 317 and lives on the South Side.

His articles on politics and economics have appeared in many publications. He is the editor of a forthcoming book, Independent Politics.

Sustainable Syracuse: The Green Alternative to Destiny USA



News Articles & Press Releases

The Green Party's agenda seems to hold more water every time Howie Hawkins gets a platform.
-- Post-Standard Editorial, 9/29/05


... long-time activist Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate, gave the performance of his life. Based purely on demeanor, Hawkins probably won the [StreetBuzz.TV mayoral debate], managing to come off as a quiet elder statesman while Driscoll and Mahoney tried to knock each other out. Sean Kirst, Post-Standard columnist (9/26/05)


Howie Hawkins is the most unwavering progressive I think I've met in New York state. Ralph Nader (Post-Standard, 10/8/04)


Hawkins is far and away the best candidate in this three-way race. As is his custom, Hawkins has shaped his campaign around a promise to provide a voice for the voiceless. He is a tireless activist for empowering the traditionally disenfranchised. He promises to be a councilor who “represents the community instead of the power structure. Post-Standard endorsement of Howie Hawkins for 4th District Councilor in 2001 (10/30/01)


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